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Vertical Platform Lifts


Technical Compliance:Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Reference standard: EN81-41
Drive System:Hydraulic control unit with indirect chain action
Rate Speed:Europe: max. 0.15 m/s (2006/42/EC).
Travel Height:Open cabin 900 - 15100 mm
Enclosed cabin 900 13600 mm
Number of Stops:Max. 6 stops per lift
Doors:Max. 2 doors per floor/ 12 doors per lift
Type of Accesses:Frontal, lateral, opposite or adjacent
Pit:120mm. If a pit is not possible, the lift can be used with a ramp.
Shaft Type:Metallic structural shaft or masonry shaft
Shaft Top Height:Open cabin: minimum 2100 mm depending on shaft type and doors. See catalogue.
Enclosed cabin with folding doors: minimum 2240 mm
Enclosed cabin with sliding doors: minimum 2450 mm
Controls:pen cabin: Hold-to-run Enclosed cabin: Automatic (one- touch) Automatic controls on landings.
Application:Indoor or outdoor
Emergency Lowering:Battery operated emergency lowering
Control Voltage:24V
Power Supply:1-phase 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum Power:3kW
Circuit Breaker/ RCD:16A tripping curves C/
30mA class A or B
Rated Load:250-450kg depending on cabin size.


Environment:Indoors and outdoors
Drive system:Screw-driven
Rated load:Up to 400 kg/5 persons
Speed:0.15 m/sec (9 m/min)
Travel height:Up to 13 metres
Landings:Up to 6
Platform dimensions (X x Y, mm):1100 x 1400 / 1070 x 1485 / 1150 x 1485
*available custom dimensions
Shaft dimensions (Mx N, mm):1500 x 1460 / 1460 x 1540 / 1540 x 1540
Door clearance (width x height, mm):900 x 2000 (with 1100 x 1400 platform) / 940 x 2000
*available other dimensions
Gate (width x height, mm):900 x 1300 (with 1100 x 1400 platform) / 940 x 1300
Door configuration:Right or left swing, up to 3 doors per landing
Shaft walls:Aluminium profiles with glass or steel panels
Standard colors:RAL 9006 (light grey aluminum) RAL 9010 (pure white)
*any RAL color available as option
Soft start/stop:Comes as a standard
Power supply:220-230 V, 1 phase, 25A; 380-400 V, 3 phase, 16A, 50 or 60 Hz
Motor:2.2 kW
Noise level:Less than 70 dB
Control system:Micro computer based
Technical safety equipment:Safety edge around the platform, emergency STOP buttons, electronic speed control, overload detector, opening control of doors and locks, electronic control of engine performance.

Complies with the European platform lifts standard EN81-41:2010

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