Industrial Lift

Dumb Waiter

Classification by loading capacity (kg): 50,100,200,250,300. Classification by the modes of opening /closing the doors: opening /closing the door manually or automatically. The control system is adopted with PLC control, microcomputer control, full closed loop VVVF control. Auto switch door mechanism specially used in dumbwaiter. Mechanical lock used in dumbwaiter hall door. Floor display function : Display which floor the location of the dumbwaiter. Responding function of the calling lift : when the lift calling lift is operated, the number light of the light corresponding floor. The memory will be removed after it moves to the floor called and the indication light is off.

Mechanical lock function : Mechanical lock is provided on every door. The dumbwaiter door cannot be opened until the dumbwaiter has reach the designated location. Overflow current protection : When the overflow current of motor is caused by the dumbwaiter jamming or being short of phase, turn off power supply of the motor.

Classification by running speed : 0.4m/s , 0.8m/s for 50-500Kg. Standard Devices of the Lift. Classification of the dumbwaiters. Exclusive traction machine used in dumbwaiter. Hall door side is formed by steel plate through precise procession. Moving direction display function : Display of moving up and down by means of a shined arrow. Buzzer indication function: After the dumbwaiter moves to the floor called, the buzzer of the corresponding floor will sound for 3 seconds and wait for 6 seconds ( During this period of time, the dumbwaiter stops moving and enters into the waiting state ) If other calling is accepted then it will select working continuously. Display function of the door : Indicator of calling board turns on when the door is opened. Motor and the electromagnetism brake control by double loops which executes dumbwaiter safety criterial.


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