Handicap Lift

Inclined Platform Lifts

Ergonomically Designed
The Supra and Supra Linea have an advanced ergonomic design which has been developed in consultation with renowned consumer associations. This has enabled us to develop one of the most comfortable and safest inclined platform lifts on the market. The easy-to-use joystick or optional push buttons allow the lift to move up and down the stairs safely and with minimal effort for the user.

Automatic Safety Bars
The Supra and Supra Linea have automatic safety bars that surround the user during travel. As the

lift arrives at either the top or bottom landing the leading safety bar is raised allowing the user to get on or get off the lift. This is lowered again before travel, giving a sense of security to the user.

On-board Controls with Ergonomic Keys
The on-board controls make it simple to operate the Supra and Supra Linea. The ergonomic keys and buttons are shaped so that they can be operated with minimal effort while their design remains aesthetically pleasing.

Anti-Impact / Anti-Shearing
The lift is designed so that it comes to an automatic stop if the platform detects an obstruction on the staircase. It has anti- impact/anti-shearing devices on the sides of the machine body and the underside of the platform.

Anti-Slip Safety Floor Covering
The Supra and Supra Linea are designed to be hardwearing and durable. They are fitted with an anti-slip safety floor covering to prevent slipping and to reduce any cosmetic damage from frequent use.



Application:Supra Linea: Straight staircases with constant gradient
Supra: Curved or straight staircases with variable gradient from 0° to 45°
Motor:Supra Linea: 0.40 kW (0.75 kW for the increased speed version)
Supra: 0.35 kW (0,70 kW for the increased speed version)
Power Supply:230 VAC, 50Hz
Drive System:Rack and pinion
Rated Load:Supra Linea: 325 kg (0° to 35°), 250 kg (36° to 45°)
Supra: 300 kg (up to 30°), 250 kg (31° to 35°), 190 kg (36° to 45°)
Speed¹:Supra Linea: 0,07 m/s (0,13 m/s the increased speed version)
Supra: 0,07 m/s (0,13 m/s in the straight sections with increased speed version)
Standard Platforms²:850 x 500, 850 × 550, 850 × 600, 850 × 650, 850 x 710, 1050 x 710, 1050 x 850, 1250 × 850
Rail:Supra Linea: Single rail made of aluminium, max. length 40m
Supra: Twin aluminium rail, RAL painted (9006) max. length 40m
Safety Devices:Anti-impact/anti-shearing devices on the machine body. Anti-impact devices on the platform
Norm Compliance:2006/42/EC. EN 81- 40 (when Load Control Device is selected)
  1. Speed is subject to variations according to load and mains voltage + 15%. Soft start and soft stop functionality included in the increased speed version.
  2. Measurements in mm, Length x Width. Special platforms available as an option.

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