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Goods Lifts

Customize design and build if you have a requirement for an industrial goods lift.

It is more than likely that your needs will be highly individual and specific according to the design and layout of your premises and according to the precise purposes for which lift is required.

We specialise in customize making individually specified industrial goods lift for both new and existing buildings. Goods lift specially designed to easily fit into your buildings.

Liftron Vertical lifts are specially designed in such a way that pit is not compulsory and can be replaced by using a ramp , because pit is not required it is a great advantage for both new and existing building as it saves all the trouble of needing to engage in messy pit construction work or drainage works. Furthermore this feature helps to save unnecessary cost for major civil works.

Goods lifts can both be constructed in existing lift shaft or to have an individual free self-standing lift shaft with its own standard enclosures of your own choice.

Liftron Vertical lifts are constructed to last for many faithful years. Our standard Liftron Lifts come with proper and approved safety switches and interlocking feature to meet the local approval requirements .You can be assured that Liftron Vertical lift does not require high maintenance as the simplicity of our lift construction allows low maintenance to be carried out cost effectively.

The capacity of goods lift can range between 500Kg -5000kg depends on the client requirements.


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