Inclined Platform lift ( RPSP)

RPSP is make using high value materials .All the exposed surfaces/parts( rails, platform, safety bars) are made of anodized aluminium to guarantee you a rust free product. RPSP can be installed both on vertical stanchions as well as directly onto the wall. RPSP ( CE, TUV certified) is compliant to the European Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and EN 81-40. The lift is fitted with anti-crushing and anti- shearing safety Devices. An overload sensor is also available as option. A rated load of 325Kg and a platform dimension up to 1250mm X 900mm make the RPSP an actual heavy duty product. RPSP is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations ( IP55 version is also available).


RPSP lift

  • Lifting Capacity : 325kg (0° – 36°) – 250 kg (up to 45°)
  • Speed : 0.07m/s with 350 w motor, 0.13m/s with 700 w motor
  • Travel : 40m Max
  • Max angle incline : up to 45°
  • Controls : Hold to Run.
  • Power Supply : 1 phase 230V, 50 Hz
  • Normal compliance : EN 81 – 40: Machine Directive 2006/42/EC; D.M236/89
  • Certifications : TUV CE
  • Standard platforms : 860mm by 650mm, 860mm x 710mm, 1050mm x 850mm , 1250mm x 850mm (straight stairs)


  • Customized Platform size
  • Motorized opening / closing platform
  • On wall remote control
  • Outdoor version (ip 55)
  • High speed (0.14m/s) version (soft start included 0.75 kw motor)
  • Anti – black out device
  • Radio remote control
  • Mobile long side flap
  • Foldable seat
  • Cover cloth