Flow Chair lift

You can negotiate even steep , narrow or winding staircase safely and comfortably .The
chair uses a single-rail system only 8cm in diameter. With its unique vertical start the
rail fits snugly in the vicinity of doors.
The Flow Chair Lift is operated by a joystick in the armrest as well as call and park
station at each stop , so you can easily call the lift to you or park it around the corner.
There is a choice of 4 different joystick variations ; each is design so to ensure safe
operation .
It is suitable for curved staircase even as narrow as 60cm and up to an inclination of 70◦.
Radio controlled for complete ease-of-use, with a joystick in the armrest and remote call
and park stations at each stop.
Various seat and colour variations to complement the decor of your home .
The flow has been designed so that it harmoniously and discreetly
Blends into each environment. This is achieved by the space- saving structure, the
tasteful design, as well as the different colour and seat variations.


FLOW Chair lift

  • Lifting Capacity : 125kg
  • Operation : Grip Control joystick (also functions as a key)
  • Drive System : Battery (24VDC), rack drive system.
  • Rail : Single Steel tube, Constant diameter of 8cm.
  • Inclination : 0° up to 70°
  • Speed : Max. 0.15m/s
  • Technical conformity :En81-40 & En55022 for CE and ASME 18.1 approved.
  • Standard specification : Wireless remote control at the top and bottom of the stairs, simultaneously revolving seat and footrest, fold – away seat, foot rest and armrests, two battery charging stations
  • Main option : Can be positioned on the inside or outside of the stairs, extra charging points, parking around the corner